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Synergy Enterprises Since 1989

Synergy Enterprises

Synergy Enterprises is the trusted vendor for the abatement of asbestos in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. The removal of asbestos is necessary in older homes, school buildings and commercial buildings.

Synergy is an asbestos removal and abatement certified contractor for testing and removal of hazardous materials. Call Synergy Enterprises for a quote or with questions. 

Toll free: 800-439-9610.


Both residential and commercial contractors rely on Synergy as a trusted partner that will speak their language and understand their priorities and needs.

Facility Administrators

Synergy Enterprises works with facility administrators who are tasked with renovation and remediation projects.


Realtors need a solution partner that will represent their high standards with clients. We respect the need for exceptional service.

Home Owners

Synergy works directly with the homeowners who want to control the process of remediation. We take the stress out of direct contracting.

Our Services

We take the worry out of the process of environmental remediation by listening to our clients. If services are needed, we walk our clients through the processes of removing environmental hazards.

Asbestos Removal

Most often found in older homes and commercial buildings. Asbestos can be found in pipe and furnace insulation materials, as well as; asbestos shingles, millboard, coating materials and floors.

Clean Demolition

At Synergy, we offer cost efficient demolition and removal of non-hazardous building material. We work with general contractors, and begin demo’s before permits are issued.

Mold Abatement

Exposure to mold may cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Synergy finds the location of mold growth and determines the source(s) of the moisture.

Lead Paint Removal

Exposure to lead-based paint can be harmful if not detected early. Call Synergy to have lead paint removed from residential and commercial spaces.

Rodent Dropping

It is not a pleasant subject, here's the scoop on rodent poop. There is a need for the public to take action when they are exposed to rat or mouse carcasses or droppings.

COVID Clean-Up

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused us to take additional precautions. We clean surfaces and use CDC approved disinfectants to kill the virus. More information coming soon...


"On time and delivered what was promised."
Bob G.
"Top notch professionalism."
David G.
"The technicians were punctual, respectful, communicative, professional, and they worked clean and fast."
Sean A.
"Kevin did an excellent, efficient job and explained clearly what he had done."
Bob L.
"Workers are diligent, careful and professional in handling and removing asbestos. They cleaned up and vacuumed the affected area. My attic is free of asbestos now. We feel safe and healthy. Thank you Synergy."
Fontaine G.
"Very hard working employee even though job is for two persons job. The employee went beyond the working hours to make sure the job is completed."
Rey O.
"Your team did an excellent job at doing containment of our vents before demolition and removal, and kept the space with negative ventilation during the process as expected. Also taped up the exposed ends of cut off ducts as we requested to keep any rodents (if any) from getting in."
Craig M.
"All of our Synergy interactions were very positive. We felt the services were fairly priced and staff was friendly and professional."
Jim M.