Clean Demolition


Synergy Enterprises offers cost efficient demolition and removal of non hazardous building material, working in conjunction with the general contractor. Clean demo can begin prior to permit issue.

General Contractors use our clean demo services as their own crews may not be certified to work in full suit and respirator, and their insurance coverages may not be specific for this type of work. We can also provide cost effective and safe rolled insulation installation services.


Building demolition and house demolition projects can pose serious risks for construction workers due to harmful asbestos fibers that can hover in the air.


  • Duct Cleaning: Synergy Enterprises provides heating duct cleaning using both a “Roto-Brush” air wand and the HEPA Air 2500 vacuum system.
  1. Call Synergy to have an estimator contact you (800-439-9610) We’ll be onsite within 24 hrs to survey and estimate (if needed).
  2. An estimate will be generated within 4 hrs of site inspection Work will commence within 24 hrs of go ahead.
  3. We will work hand-in-hand with your contractor to ensure timely completion, including any subsequent testing required after demolition.

Demolition Services are required when we are asked to work with a contractor to demolish and dispose of hazardous materials and the building materials as well. Synergy Enterprises also provides Deconstruction Services, where we are asked to reclaim the clean building materials for re-use, recycling or for resale.

The air testing procedure are handled with asbestos removal and after all demolition debris has been removed.

There are number of methods for air testing pre and post remedation. Synergy uses Asbestos-airbome fiber count (NIOSH 7400)

The cost and timing for demolition services will be determined by the number of hours needed to remove the demolition debris, in addition to any asbestos removal and air testing.

In a single small room, remediation and subsequent demolition debris removal can be handled in a day. Testing can be available within 48 hours of sample submission.

Beyond the scope of the project, cost factors can be influenced by difficulty of access to exposed areas, work hour limitations or other limitation events set by the client.